role management and budgets
Registered users at can utilize our exclusive Role Management tool, which was designed to help both single homes and chains manage and control spending on multiple levels. Role Management is a good fit for your facility if you answer "yes" to the following questions:
  • Do you have online ordering capabilities?
  • Are your staff members comfortable with computers?
  • Are you interested in a simple, streamlined process?

Role Management gives you control over who is placing orders, what they’re ordering and how much of it they can order. Let’s say you want to allow a staff member to order janitorial products, but nothing else, and you want to approve orders before they’re submitted. Role Management can do that. Want to allow someone else to order whatever they need, as long as their orders don’t exceed $500? Role Management can help with that too. The program’s rich, comprehensive capabilities will simplify your ordering process and bring you peace of mind.

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Role Management and Budgets


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