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Smart Choice Business Reviews
ProMed will conduct Smart Choice Business Reviews at your facility on a routine basis. Your Trusted Advisors will present an evaluation of every educational program, resource and product that you are currently using in order to make sure that you are continuously taking full advantage of everything we have to offer. Our goal is to help you make wise decisions for enhanced clinical results and attractive financial outcomes.

Loan-to-Own Program
ProMed’s Loan-to-Own program can bolster your facility’s therapeutic equipment inventory, help you acquire new state-of-the-art merchandise and save you thousands of dollars over traditional rental programs.

OneSource Alliance
When you adopt ProMed's preferred supply management standards, you can leverage our purchasing power and distribution expertise. We proudly attribute much of our success to our alliances with the best manufacturers in the industry. With the enhanced relationships cultivated through the OneSource Alliance, we are better able to respond quickly to your needs with the highest-quality, most innovative products available. In addition, ProMed often accesses favorable pricing contracts within other eligible GPO memberships you may participate in, such as Premier, HPSI, MedAssets, etc.


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