why choose promed?

When customers choose Professional Medical (ProMed), they’re not just getting a medical supplier. They’re gaining a partner. We specialize in connecting our customers with education, resources and products that allow them to improve care, save time and reduce costs. Many of our customers have benefitted from our ability to help them identify “blind spots” in their facilities. Sometimes facilities become so accustomed to doing things a certain way that they might not see that their policies could be made more efficient, leading to reduced costs. Through research and speaking with our customers, we’ve found that the following four questions are useful in identifying these "blind spots":
  • “What are my specific areas of concern?”
  • “How are my solutions working?”
  • “Where is there room for improvement in my strategy?”
  • “Where have I looked for help, both internally and externally?”
ProMed's Collaborative Cost Management (CCM) program focuses on mitigating the individual "blind spots" at your facility by applying risk, time and money solutions that make improving care easier - today, and for many years to come.

The CCM program is designed to prevent waste, shrinkage, misuse and mismanagement. Choosing to utilize ProMed's cost management tools and solutions can translate into reduced costs as well as increased value being delivered to your residents.

Our Shared Vision
Our goal is to find the right balance between delivering great care and managing costs. With our shared vision, we can develop and achieve your organization’s financial, operational and clinical goals.

You expect good quality, dependable service and price leverage. This is where four of the five top suppliers stop. This is cost control. This is not cost management. Professional Medical will help you realize actual cost management.


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